Cryptnox to integrate ERC 4337 compatibility as an option to its CryptoCard Provider solution

Geneva, Switzerland, 25th January 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Cryptnox (, a technology provider and long time hardware wallet producer, is going to collaborate with Candice ( in order to start integrating account abstraction (ERC 4337) functionalities to it’s mobile phone wallets, while still maintaining original features. This will be an option available to Cryptnox’ business customers of its flagship CryptoCard provider solution.

In this innovative architecture, the key related to the replaceable CryptoCard will act both as smart wallet owner and as guardian. Subsequently, the smart wallet will also allow the registration of a mobile phone Passkey (Fido Alliance standard) as additional owner.
This will perfectly replicate the Apple Pay or Google Pay user experience with a Cryptnox card, as the user will be able to register (with a passkey) its card in the phone, and use the phone independently from the card.

This implementation is only possible together with advanced key management solutions such as the one offered by Cryptnox. It will fully benefit from the advantages of smart wallets such as paymaster for gas and mobile phone passkey registration, while still offering the usual features that externally owned accounts do. This will enable easy adaptation to any future wallet evolutions.

Cryptnox plans to integrate this new feature in both its IOS and Android wallet applications. Corresponding ERC 4337 smart contracts will be based on open source publications from Gnosis Safe.

Cryptnox is a smartcard hardware wallet producer and technology provider that offers a unique and patented solution for the issuance of replaceable hardware wallet smartcards with identical keys.

Candide Atelier is an Account Abstraction development platform for building smart wallets on Safe and a network for third-party gas sponsors.

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