Breaking Boundaries: KOSEC Introduces Next-Gen Valuation Model, Buffett 2.0

Sydney, NSW, Australia, 4th May 2024 – KOSEC – Kodari Securities has announced the launch of Buffett 2.0, a revolutionary valuation model poised to reshape investment analysis and the equities markets.


Inspired by the legendary Warren Buffet’s renowned investment philosophy, Buffett 2.0 represents the culmination of nearly a decade of meticulous development and rigorous testing. Spearheaded by KOSEC’s Founder, Michael Kodari, the model aims to elevate valuation methodologies to unprecedented levels of precision and insight.

At its core, Buffett 2.0 integrates an array of diverse financial metrics, departing from conventional models to offer investors a more comprehensive understanding of a company’s intrinsic value. This holistic approach, combined with advanced mathematical algorithms and cutting-edge data analytics, positions Buffett 2.0 as a powerful tool for navigating today’s dynamic market landscape.

Michael Kodari, CEO of KOSEC, emphasized the model’s innovative features, stating, “What sets Buffett 2.0 apart is its holistic approach to valuation. We have combined advanced mathematical algorithms with cutting-edge data analytics to create a model that not only identifies hidden gems but also provides investors with a deeper understanding of the intrinsic value of companies.”

Developed in collaboration with a team of esteemed mathematicians and data scientists affiliated with the Fields Institute of Mathematics in Canada, Buffett 2.0 offers investors a strategic advantage in identifying investment opportunities and managing risk. The Fields Institute, internationally recognized for its mathematical prowess, bears the name of John Charles Fields, the visionary behind the prestigious Fields Medal, often hailed as akin to the Nobel Prize in Mathematics. This institute has been a crucible for pioneering research in mathematical sciences, shaping its global reputation for excellence.

As KOSEC continues to push the boundaries of financial analysis and innovation, Buffett 2.0 stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and its relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional value to clients. 

In addition to this milestone, KOSEC has recently announced its national expansion across Australia acquiring top advisers, following successful ventures in the United States. Leveraging its success from unparalleled product and service offerings, KOSEC aims to redefine the investment landscape. 

At the forefront of this expansion is also the introduction of other cutting-edge financial technology products, including the groundbreaking Phantom X. This state-of-the-art software equips KOSEC clients with a distinct competitive edge by seamlessly integrating comprehensive resources.

“KOSEC is committed to empowering investors with the tools they need to succeed in today’s dynamic market,” said Michael Kodari. “With the launch of Phantom X and our other innovative products, we are transforming the way investors approach their portfolios.”

Phantom X offers a wealth of opportunities, providing access to decision-driving data, macroeconomic insights, sector analysis, insider trading intel, fundamental analysis, and the force of Artificial Intelligence. Crafted by industry professionals, this remarkable software was initially designed for internal use but is now available to KOSEC clients, offering unparalleled access to a wealth of knowledge.

About KOSEC – Kodari Securities:

KOSEC stands out as a leading hub for investors seeking expert guidance in navigating the complexities of wealth management while safeguarding their financial assets. By equipping clients with indispensable insights and an extensive range of resources, KOSEC empowers them to make well-informed and strategic investment decisions. 

Collaborating with a diverse clientele including individuals, family offices, trusts, SMSFs, corporations, and charitable organizations, KOSEC ensures swift access to top-tier resources and invaluable insights. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, KOSEC fosters genuine connections among clients and its exceptional team, all driven by a unified mission: to arm investors with unmatched knowledge, state-of-the-art tools, and abundant resources that pave the way for groundbreaking investment opportunities.

About Michael Kodari:

Renowned globally as a distinguished investor, philanthropist, and expert in financial markets, Michael Kodari has consistently demonstrated outstanding performance, setting him apart on the international stage. Praised by CNBC Asia as ‘the brightest 21st-century entrepreneur in wealth management,’ Kodari’s illustrious career has been characterized by collaboration with industry leaders and consultations with prestigious financial institutions.

With an unprecedented foundation in funds management and stockbroking, Kodari’s journey began with notable achievements. He made history as the youngest expert panelist on the Sky Business Channel at just 25 years old, captivating audiences and achieving record-high ratings. Over three transformative years, Kodari solidified his reputation as a formidable presence in the financial sector.

Kodari’s influence transcends traditional media, extending to diverse platforms and spearheading enlightening global conferences. His involvement in significant events, such as ‘Inside China’s Future,’ underscores his expertise in fund management. Notably, he shared the stage with eminent figures like George Soros as the sole financiers invited to offer insights on Chinese government asset allocation offshore, a testament to his extraordinary expertise.

In 2019, Kodari’s reputation reached new heights as he served as an esteemed expert panelist at Parliament House, contributing significantly to discussions on the dynamic landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship between Australia and China. His role as a trusted authority in investment and collaboration on an international scale further solidified through his profound insights and expertise.


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