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Portland, Oregon, 24th January 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Affordable Reputation Management provides guaranteed removal of negative reviews from a variety of platforms, it was announced today.

Removal of bad reviews from popular employer and consumer platforms such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Google, Trust Pilot and others can be a huge help to companies who’ve been hit by 1-star reviews published by angry employees and upset customers.

“The review removal services we provide give business owners a viable alternative to simply flagging reviews – a process which typically falls on deaf ears with no results,” said Mike Munter, owner of Affordable Reputation Management.
“Flagging reviews usually does not get them removed. Each review platform has a strict set of guidelines it adheres to and unless the content of the review is a clear violation of these guidelines, the review will not be taken down,” he continued. “There is simply no other way for companies to get bad reviews taken down. As a result, their online reputation suffers and they lose business. They have no other recourse.”

While some 1-star and 2-star reviews might be justified, there are many others that are not. If flagging a bad review is not successful in getting it removed, then professional review removal services are an effective way to getting them removed.

Three Types Of Bad Reviews That Can’t Be Trusted

While some might argue that every review – regardless of whether it is good or bad – should be made public, there are clear cases of reviews that should not be trusted.
While these are not the only negative reviews Affordable Reputation Management can remove, these are certainly the ones that businesses should have the right to remove.
The types of bad reviews that can’t be trusted include:

#1 Fake Reviews

There are telltale signs of a fake review that can be spotted pretty easily.
“I’ve seen plenty of business owners respond to a review saying, ‘We have no record of this customer in our database,’ which means the review is probably a fake,” Munter said.
If a company is going in front of the world and announcing the person who left the review is not a customer, there’s a high likelihood that it’s probably a fake review.
But where do fake reviews come from? What would be the motivation to post them?
“I’ve talked to business owners who suspect their competitors are trying to sabotage them. Usually, a barrage of bad reviews all at once are a sign that they are fake, especially if the company can’t find any record of doing business with them.”
Some unscrupulous companies resort to attacking their competitors in any way they can in order to discredit them and hurt their reputation. Fake reviews are usually easy to spot, but nearly impossible to get removed through flagging.

#2 Gibberish Reviews

Another type of bad review that is difficult to trust is one that contains gibberish, i.e., the content of the review has nothing to do with the business or is not written in legible English.
“We’re not knocking reviewers with imperfect English, but there are lots of bad reviews online that just don’t make sense,” Munter said. “Either that, or the reviews aren’t relevant to the services and products the company offers.”
“This is another instance of a review that wouldn’t necessarily violate content guidelines, but in my opinion, should not remain online, as it hurts the rating of the company it’s written about. So, we help companies remove them.”

#3 No Review, Just Stars

Some reviewers don’t write any content at all; they just put a 1-star and that’s it.
This is particularly common on consumer review sites like Google and Trust Pilot.
“It feels like 1-star reviews without any words to back up the reasoning for the poor rating should not be trusted,” concluded Munter.
“Without content or identification, a company can’t even check to see if the reviewer is an actual customer.”
Flagging reviews with no content won’t violate guidelines and will not be removed. Therefore, if a company wants to remove a 1-star review that is blank, they will have to use a third-party service like Affordable Reputation Management to get it taken down.

Two Types Of Reviews You Can Trust

While the above examples show three types of reviews you can’t trust, Munter does offer advice on the types of reviews consumers and employees can trust.

#1 Specific Cases

Reading the content of a critical review is more important than just noticing the rating assigned by the reviewer.
“Look for reviews where specific details are given that appear to describe an actual experience,” Munter said.
“Reviews that contain first names of employees, reviews that contain dates and times, and reviews that contain specific details related to the business are much more credible than reviews which are general in nature.”
Reviews that say things like, “This company stinks,” or “This employer is no good,” call into question the reviewer himself.
“It’s almost like the person who wrote the review was just having a bad day,” Munter said. “I don’t think reviews without any substance should be allowed to remain. They don’t help anyone and they hurt the business’s overall rating.”

#2 3-Star Reviews

When checking out companies to do business with or go to work for, a good practice is to filter and read the 3-star reviews.
“I will often discount the 1-star and 5-star reviews and go straight toward the reviews in the middle, especially the 3-star reviews,” Munter advised.
“These are the reviews that usually come from level-headed individuals, are constructive in nature, and contain insight that can help inform my decision.”

What Happens After Negative Reviews Are Removed

Businesses who successfully get 1-star reviews removed can see a dramatic improvement in their ratings.
If a company has 10 reviews, nine of which are 5-stars and 1 of which is 1-star, their rating will be 4.6. If they remove the 1-star review, their rating jumps to a perfect 5.0.
If that company does not remove the 1-star review, the best they can hope for is a 4.9 rating, no matter how many more 5-star reviews they collect.
For companies with multiple 1-star reviews, the results after removal can be even more dramatic.
And since a company’s star rating can be the first thing people see when Googling that business, the rating itself is important.
Taking control of your online reputation is crucial and removing 1-star reviews from your profiles is a foundational part of improving your online image.

Review Removal Summary

Affordable Reputation Management offers a range of review removal services including each of these:
• Delete Google Reviews
• Delete Yelp Reviews
• Delete TripAdvisor Reviews
• Delete Indeed Reviews
• Delete Glassdoor Reviews
• Delete Trust Pilot Reviews

All of the review deletion services are guaranteed, which means you only pay for the negative reviews that are actually removed. You don’t pay for any reviews that are not removed.
The prices are affordable, and bulk discounts are generally available if you have several reviews to be removed.

If you want a review removed from a platform that is not on the list above, please reach out. We might be able to help you.

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